2019 bucket list

  • send fan mail
  • see a play
  • find new musician
  • do a live stream
  • finish a fanfiction
  • get published on a ‘big site’
  • do a readathon
  • see a play live
  • be a pen pal
  • go to a highschool dance
  • be in a play
  • enter an art competition
  • campfire night
  • do a 5k
  • make new friends
  • go to a dollar theatre
  • visit a museum
  • see all marvel movies
  • write uplifting notes
  • go to sleep early*
  • finish a book
  • renovate bro’s room
  • throw bday parties
  • attend a college fair
  • take a college tour
  • rewatch all of ninjago
  • be someone’s timothy
  • be someone’s barnaus
  • be someone’s paul
  • meet internet friends
  • catch up with podcasts
  • go to the pool a lot
  • rollerskate
  • do community service
  • raise an indoor plant
  • visit a sunflower patch

*just. one time. is that too much to ask for?


all too often i feel

like i’m doing nothing at all

even though i’m doing everything

like my time gets sucked away.

it’s in oblivion, never seen again.

and so i think,

what am i doing?

does this even matter?

and sometimes,

more often than not,

i don’t know.

but i can’t give up.

i won’t give up.

because if i did,

i’d never know if i’d


just maybe


a note for you today

hello, human being. do you know you are beautiful?

not only on sunday morning when your makeup’s all done. not only when you’re feeling great and productive and on top of the world.

i mean now. right now.

you, right now, with your after-work messy hair, or on a mediocre schoolday, or on a night where all you want to do is cry yourself to sleep. you are beautiful. and precious. and loved.